[ID4me Governance] Trust models for identity validation

Peter H. Ganten ganten at univention.de
Wed Sep 19 13:46:16 UTC 2018

Hi Vittorio,

yes, both of your statments sound reasonable and good to me.

Best wishes,


Am 19.09.2018 um 14:36 schrieb Vittorio Bertola:
>> Il 19 settembre 2018 alle 13.20 "Peter H. Ganten"
>> <ganten at univention.de> ha scritto:
>> Hi Vittorio,
>> I'd love ID4Me to be as open as possible in order to have the
>> possibility for each party to make it's own decisions. Therefore I'd
>> very much prefer option 6. Possibly in combination with option 7.
>> which can be added later.
> I also prefer a flexible approach - let the market come up with
> whatever is actually necessary. However, it would be a problem if we
> started to have validated claims in the system, but then relying
> parties found out that they are not reliable at all - this could
> backlash and make the entire system appear unreliable. Perhaps we
> could have optional ways for authorities to vet validating parties by
> signing their certificates, and authorities could decide whether they
> want to do it or not.
> Also, some standardization of what it means to validate something,
> relying on the existing standards (ISO 29115, eIDAS), would still be
> necessary to ensure that all participants speak the same language.
> Ciao,
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