[Adoption_wg] ICANN63 and ID4me Adoption Working Group Chair

Neal McPherson neal.mcpherson at ionos.com
Tue Oct 30 07:16:08 UTC 2018

Hi Jothan,

Those are good points you make- we need to ensure we get the maximum exposure for our efforts, so sharing transparently what we are doing makes a lot of sense to ensure no duplication of work/materials/events. I will talk to Katja about how we can better sync with the DNA and its marketing group.



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Hello and congratulations to everyone on the successes at ICANN 63.

As we press towards 2019, and begin planning with respect to events and activities with crucial events like NamesCon, DomainPulse, Cloudfest, and ICANN 64 Kobe that provide opportunities for further awareness, I would like to ensure we collaborate and communicate about our planning of activities to ensure we benefit together and avoid hosting  competing events by accident.

Many of you are members of the DNA currently, and we have a marketing committee which meets every other week to discuss events and planning as part of their work - this represents a magnificent opportunity to include discussions of the progress of id4me efforts and activities related to awareness and marketing.


On Mon, Oct 29, 2018, 03:25 Marcos Sanz <sanz at denic.de<mailto:sanz at denic.de>> wrote:
Hi David,

> Lovely to have met with some of you at ICANN.  I have come away inspired
to progress things a little more in New Zealand. By the
> time Kobe comes around I plan to have a working prototype of ID4me using
Domain Connect. My goal is to see if try and create and
> configure a domain name on the fly during an identity creation process.

I wished I would have met you all at ICANN. Just fwiw for those who might
not know: we already have prototyped a binding with DomainConnect during
identity creation. It's up and running here:

If the base domain of the ID4me (take for instance marcos.sanz.club)
announces the DomainConnect discovery record, e.g.

marcos at marcos-xm3:~$ dig +short _domainconnect.sanz.club TXT

the UI will offer you an additional button "Do settings with Domain

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